Complementing healthy ageing

Ageing is inevitable, but ageing healthily with grace and dignity is a choice. Age-related disorders of the elderly entail a progressive decline in functional ability with the obvious slowdown of mind-body connect.

While it is not possible to totally stop this decline in functionality, it is possible to delay the onset of the feeling of inadequacy and vulnerability through complementary and alternative treatment options and also through extensive collaboration between the healthcare providers, caregivers and the patients.

Our philosophy, thus, is to support healthy ageing by actively seeking and supporting complementary and alternative approach through research, involvement in patient and caregiver support and social initiatives.

Research & evidence-based medicine

Arcturus will encourage academics and community-based physicians and researchers in conducting their own research and publication of review articles, which will be guided by the Core Consultative Board in enabling sponsorship and funding for such independent research.

Patient and caregiver support

Arcturus Pharma is committed to being a patient and caregiver-focused company.
Arcturus Pharma has developed extensive educational material for patients and caregivers with the help of healthcare providers.

Social initiatives

Expressions: An initiative to support the cognitive and mental health and also a platform for their expressions through art, music etc.

Aging with grace: Events to empower the elderly to face aging with dignity and courage. This is a social initiative that addresses concerns of the elderly, such as spirituality, legal matters, safety at home etc.