The name ‘Arcturus’ comes from the ancient Greek Arktouros, meaning Guardian of the Bear. [Read More]

Pioneers in healthy ageing

Ageing is inevitable …. Ageing with grace is a choice

Arcturus Pharma is a specialist nutraceutical company collaborating with healthcare providers and patient groups to research and support an evidence-based approach to improving health outcomes and provide wellbeing.

Our pioneering spirit is derived from our passionate empathy for the ageing and our expertise in finding innovative means of engaging with healthcare professionals and empowering caregivers.

The result is unique – a company with the ability to understand and support the health needs of the growing middle-aged population to live a meaningful and full life.

Our focus areas of interest



Pain & Mobility
General wellness


To be a preferred and influential speciality healthcare services company in improving health outcomes of the ageing.


To provide evidence-based healthy ageing options and improving their health outcomes.


Our values are built on a foundation of ROCK.


We understand our responsibility to our consumers and all stake holders, hence having a high level of integrity is paramount to us.


Our passion entails us to be empowered to deliver innovative and creative solutions.


Our commitment to improving health outcomes require us to engage with all stakeholders, including healthcare providers, caregivers and policy makers.


Our empathy can only be as deep and broad as our knowledge of the diseases, products and technology.